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Paramedic Chris in the News and Contact Information

Growing up, Tim Parson’s dad was a minister and due to his job the family moved various times. Born in Worcester, Tim Parsons currently resides with his wife and two sons in Rochester, Kent. Though he never really saw himself as an author, one of the biggest driving forces behind his success is a teacher who told him he’d never succeed.

The idea of the Paramedic Chris books came to Parsons one night when he came home from a night shift. He thought to himself, “You have things like Fireman Sam, but nothing for ambulance service.” Straight away he began writing down notes from jobs he attended with the ambulance service and turned them into stories for children. Filled with bright and cheerful illustrations, and based on real life events, the books are aimed for children ages 4-10.

Part of the reason for this age group with the stories is because Parsons wants to help educate the younger generation so they understand the importance of the ambulance service and the correct way to use them. The Paramedic Chris books acquaint children with what goes on in the ambulance service, as well as teaching what a valuable asset they are to the community.

The newest episode, A Sorry Bully, will give children another important lesson. It’s based on a visit to a local primary school for children to see the inside of an ambulance. One of the children ends up getting pushed and makes it so the rest of the children cannot see the inside. It teaches how the things you do and say affect other people. There’s also a big lesson on courage where the child is sorry for his actions.

Children Learn About Bullies With Paramedic Chris

Paramedic Chris books have been receiving great reviews and Parsons is delighted and thankful for all the support. “The reviews make me want to continue writing more stories and aiming to help others more,” he says. One of the best comments he’s received so far was from a parent who regularly takes their child to appointments at the local hospital. They take the books with them each time they have to go because they help calm her son, especially when he hears the sirens.

With the Paramedic Chris books, Parsons hopes to spread the message for children to learn the correct ways to call an ambulance and not abuse the system, as well as how to love and care for one another. “I am hoping readers will be made aware of how hard my colleagues work within the ambulance service and can share respect to one another as a result,” he says. As simple values, such as respect, have declined in our current society, Parsons’ aim is to give back to the communities by helping rebuild respect in children so that they grow up to be loving and caring adults, making our communities better places to live.

With so many story lines ready and different subjects being recommended to Parsons, we’re sure to be seeing more delightful Paramedic Chris books helping children learn valuable lessons about the ambulance service, as well as caring for those in our communities.

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Inspiration Behind Paramedic Chris Newspaper Story

Article from when the first Paramedic Chris Book was published 2018. Tim is no longer working with the Ambulance Service.

Medway is home to the paramedic’s answer to Fireman Sam, thanks to the literary efforts of a South East Coast Ambulance Service volunteer.

Tim Parsons, of Byron Road, Gillingham, is a volunteer chaplain who offers support to ambulance staff – and has used his experience on the road to inspire his new children’s book Paramedic Chris.

The main character of the book is based on Medway Paramedic Chris Treves, whose daughter Molly has been batting cancer since she was two and has also written a book based on her life experiences.

While Tim, 35, was inspired to start writing by her efforts, the story itself is based on a prank call and Tim hopes it will help educate a younger generation on the dangers of wasting ambulance crews’ time.

“I voluntarily support the staff,” explained Tim. “A lot of the staff will go through PSTD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and we come along to support them and go out on duty as well. The book is based on when I’ve been out on duty with them. I regularly do 14 hour shifts and so you’re aware of what pressures they’re under.

“It’s based on a prank call I had been to with the crew. We got called to somebody’s flat and we were trying to find them but they weren’t there. The phone call was traced to a nearby phone box.

“We never did track them down, but I thought the public need educating a lot more – if we start from a young age that will work well in the future. There’s nothing in the market like this. There’s a lot of that that goes on and I want people to know that if we’re (called to a prank call) then someone else could be in serious trouble.” Dad-of-two Tim, who is also a parent governor at Bryron Primary School in Gillingham, began volunteering with the service after paramedics saved his son Daniel’s life when he stopped breathing at three days old. As for the real paramedic Chris, while he’s been through some tough times he’s enjoying his moment in the limelight.

“He thinks he’s the next Fireman Sam,” joked Tim.

The book can be purchased via Amazon or Waterstones.

Story by Chris Hunter

Media Contact

BBC Songs of Praise Interview with Tim Parsons

Though Tim Parsons is no longer working with the Ambulance Service, but he still holds his beliefs and is helping in a new by with continuing the Paramedic Chris book series.