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Paramedic Chris Audio Stories by Tim Parsons

Episode One

Paramedic Chris Ambulance Service Book for Kids Story One

Episode Two

Paramedic Chris Ambulance Service Community Helper Books for Children

Episode Three

Paramedic Chris Books - Dealing with Bullies - Community Helper Stories

Episode Four

Paramedic Chris - Runaway Chicken Story for Kids - Community Helper Book


Paramedic Chris Audio Books

These audio versions of the Paramedic Chris books introduce children ages 4-10 to a day in the life of a paramedic and his friends. Children will learn valuable lessons about our important community helpers and what happens when you call an ambulance.

Stories are read aloud in appropriate language for young children to understand and learn about Paramedic Chris and his friends. These are fun and educational audiobooks that children will enjoy, written by Tim Parsons and are based on true stories from his experience working with an emergency crew as a chaplain.

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Audio Book - Paramedic Chris Ambulance Service Stories for Children

Paramedic Chris books by Tim Parsons

Paramedic Chris books were inspired by real-life events with the Ambulance service crew where I formerly served as a chaplain.

Christian Ambulance Service Education Books for Children

This photo was taken in 2018 when I appeared on BBC songs of praise for the anniversary of the NHS. I was chaplain to the ambulance service up until July 2021.

The Paramedic Chris series are aimed at educating children aged between four and ten years of age upon the works of the ambulance service. As well as being available on hardcover and paperback, the series is available on audio format from the store page on this website.

Community Helper Stories for Children - Ambulance Service
Community Helper Stories for Kids - Paramedic Chris