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Paramedic Chris Audio Stories by Tim Parsons

Episode One

Paramedic Chris Ambulance Service Book for Kids Story One

Episode Two

Paramedic Chris Ambulance Service Community Helper Books for Children

Episode Three

Paramedic Chris Books - Dealing with Bullies - Community Helper Stories

Episode Four

Paramedic Chris - Runaway Chicken Story for Kids - Community Helper Book


Paramedic Chris Books

These books will introduce children ages 4-10 to a day in the life of a paramedic and his friends. Children will learn valuable lessons about our important community helpers and what happens when you call an ambulance.

Stories are told in appropriate language for young children to understand and include bright illustrations of Paramedic Chris with his friends. These fun and educational books are written by Tim Parsons and are based on true stories from his experience working with an emergency crew as a chaplain.

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Paramedic Chris – in this first book children learn the importance of not making prank calls to Emergency Services.

Paramedic Chris – A Helping Hand – they receive a call from an elderly patient, but everything is not as it seems.

Paramedic Chris – A Sorry Bully – the children learn a valuable lesson in bullying when the ambulance visits the school.

Paramedic Chris – and The Runaway Chicken – Chris and Zara experience a very different kind of call which ends up in the local community working together.

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